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Comprehensive Design Services

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01 | Establish the Design Brief & Client Requirements.

Whatever the size of the project our approach is simple –

“To be as creative as possible with our clients requirements”.

We create designs that are unique, innovative and practical in their appearance and function.

To provide the very best design whilst keeping within the contractual boundaries.

02 | Specification review & advice

Every project at ABD is thoroughly checked and ensured to meet the most stringent build regulations.


Various ABD projects have been constructed under the following build regulations...



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03 | Interior Design &

General Arrangement Planning.

Presentation of General arrangement plans (GAP) and initial concept review.


Discuss style - personal preferences & needs - review plans

04 | Exterior Design

Exterior design concept generation of the Vessel from the water line upward. This includes complete deck by deck planning, superstructure and design detailing of the complete exterior. Everything from handrails to mast integration.

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05 | Establishing Style via mood boards, material samples and creative imagery.

Using images and materials to convey the interior style direction.


This includes detailed material and hardware selection. Fabrics, stones, door handles, woods etc.

06 | Design concept details

Design details of

interior & exterior spaces.

2024-03-04 ABD PHOTO 18.png

07 | Final design concept presentation.

Innovative conceptual design presented via CGI and sketch visualisations.

This includes "photo realistic" Exterior & Interior visualisations.

08 | Design intent drawing package

Fully detailed drawings comprising of complete 2D and 3D CAD.

Subject to owners approval, this package of design intent deliverables for the interior / exterior are handed over to the ship building contractors in order to produce workshop drawings for construction

09 | Dedicated project management

Full project management and on-site supervision. Ensuring the build reflects the approved design. Regular site visits to check the progress and quality of the  build - report to owners on progress


Arranging an owner's team including highly experienced marine surveyors, naval architects, contractors and technical services.

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